North Carolina Tries to Raise the Age: Telling a Story Using Storify

Storify is a platform allows journalists to incorporate social media posts directly into their stories. Journalists are able to link their Storify account to major social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and actually, search for posts that related to the story that they are trying to tell. They can also incorporate entire websites either by embedding the URL or doing a google search without ever leaving their story. Videos, music, and images can be added in a similar fashion with searches of Youtube, Soundcloud, and Flikr.
Storify is fairly simple to use. It is pretty much a drag and drop system. The only difficult aspect of working with Storify was trying to import it to my blog, but that had nothing to do with the software.
Once written, Storify has three “templates” or ways for people to view your story: Story, Grid, and Slideshow. Each template works for a different type of story, but the Story template is the one that your story is automatically set to (and my favorite).
I really like what Storify has created. With many individuals turning to social media for news and the latest updates, Storify allows journalists to harness that idea and blend the new and old forms of news coverage and bring them into the 21st century.
Read my original Storify Story:

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